1762 - 1792

Jacob Johan Anckarström

Jacob Johan Anckarström, born 11 may 1762 at Lindos farm, Vallentuna, Uppland — executed on 27 april 1792 at skanstulls galgbacke, Södermalm, is known to posterity as King Gustav III’s assassins. After the assassination, changed the family name to Löwenström and sold the western portion of the estate to create “Löwenströmska” hospital, as a reconciliation gift to Sweden. On the family’s shield of arms in Vallentuna Church he scraped off and deleted the name Anckarström.

On 16 March 1792 Anckarström shot King Gustav III at a masquerade at the Opera in Stockholm. The shot with the scrap metal was fired at his back at close range. Anckarström was arrested the next day for the murder. He confessed guilty at the first hearing, but refused at first stubbornly to some others had been aware of the assassination plans.

The study conducted revealed that Anckarström was acting on behalf of several other conspirators of the general Karl Fredrik Pechlin was the lead. Anckarström was detained in this old fängelsehåla, is now a cafe. Anckarström was sentenced to shame punishment and the death penalty, after being hudflängts, that is to say, they whipped in three days on three of Stockholm’s squares (riddarhustorget, hotorget and Nytorget), he was executed by beheading on Friday 27 april 1792.

Fängelsehåla - Cafe Sten Sture


Revolution of

Why anckarström murdered King? When Gustav III became King, he carried out a bloodless coup d’état in 1772 with financial support from France and pushed through a new form of Government which gave the King increased powers. He undertook a major programme of reform and forbade, for instance, the death penalty for certain crimes like torture and was given permission a religious law. At the end of 1780 Sweden fought some wars with both Russia and Finland.

Even Denmark Sweden declared war against. Gustav III did not succeed so well in war, elements of the officer corps went against him and brought their own peace negotiations.Most officers was of noble descent and the King accused the nobles of treason, f ick the three other estates with themselves and with their help was basically autocratic. Finally concluded a peace, the peace of Värilä in 1790 but Sweden had many problems in the country. Many hated King and thought he was a tyrant. Uppeldade of the French Revolution saw the possibilities of rebellion. A plot was planned and took place on March 16 at the masquerade ball at the Royal Opera in Stockholm was thus the King by officer Jacob Johan Anckarström who were of noble descent. Two weeks later the King died of blood poisoning.