About Sten Sture

You will find the Sten Sture restaurant on Stortorget in the heart of Gamla stan.

Come down into our historic cellar vaults that take you back in time to the 14th century, the venue holds 90 seats. We can offer separate space for up to 35 people and you can take over the entire restaurant if you are 40 people or more.

The venue has a full bar with full rights as well as a kitchen. This means that we only offer complete dinners with both food and drink. We are allowed to be open until 00.00, then you can move on.

In connection with your event, we are more than happy to help with entertainment such as troubadours, the basement has a long history of being a stage for troubadours such as Cornelis Vreeswijk.

In the room, we have two panes of glass that lie over the old original floor that has been in the room for several hundred years.

The Dungeon

The infamous Swedish officer Jacob Johan Anckarström was arrested in our vaulted cellar, erstwhile Dungeon, 1792. The venue remains as it was a Jacob Johan Anckarström’s time, in one of our cosy booths he was arrested before he was executed.

One can perceive that the Cafe at one time have been a Dungeon.

Out Vaults

It is a transformative experience to sit under the vaults from 14th century. The walls are adorned with many interesting objects since ancient times in memory.
There are also many cosy and exciting places.


In the Cafe were previously secret passages to the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral in the old town. Later during the first world war the vaults as inventories to Royal soldiers. The Cafe has also been used as a monastery until Gustav Vasa’s time, later came to the monastery and were used as detention.